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Solar Fence Chargers:

Don't let technology leave you behind. Solar energy is going to be a big part of the future. Some distributors sell 'solar setups' for our DC/Battery line. If you use a DC/Battery powered charger, you understand that the battery will deplete itself over time. Solar setups will keep the battery charged, and keep your fence functional.

Save time and money at the same time!

If you have an existing DC/Battery charger setup, you can always convert it to a solar setup. Just add a solar panel and controller.

Instruction Manual
Extended Warranty Form

A Solar Setup Requires:
  • DC/Battery Powered Charger
  • Solar Panel w/Controller
  • Solar Box
  • 12 Volt Battery
ModelJoulesSolar Panel WattagePrice
Cyclops Super1280
Cyclops Brute860 (North)
Cyclops Brute850 (South)
Cyclops Champ540 (North)
Cyclops Champ530 (South)
Cyclops Stallion2.520
Cyclops Hero1.520
Cyclops Hero Solar0.755 watt included$375

1 Year Limited Warranty Information:
Taylor Fence Chargers are warranted for one year from the date of purchase to be free from defects in material or workmanship. This warranty includes damage caused by lightning, provided it is properly grounded per instructions and recommended size fuses are used. Any charger returned, postage paid, to the manufacter within one year will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer free of charge.

Warranty does not cover or include damage caused by: dropping, falling, improper return packaging for service, Fuse replacement, misuse, abuse, after market alterations, or improper repairs by unauthorized service personnel.

Taylor Fence, Inc. cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property through any cause whatsoever as a consequence of the fence charger failing. Taylor Fence, Inc. disclaims all other warranties whether oral, written, expressed, or implied as to performance of the product or suitability for a specific purpose other than that stated above.
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