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Kyle Peacock from NC

I purchased a champ controller about a month ago to help control deer and raccoons in 14 acre duck impoundment. I have been plagued with major damage for years, until now. No deer will come near the field and found out why yesterday. I installed a cut-out switch beside the gate it started arching about an inch to a screw. I pulled the cut-out and attempted to make a temporary repair. I accidentally hit the live side of the cut-out. Wow!! I thought I was hit by Mike Tyson. I will purchase another for another field next month.

Larry Corum

Customer service is the best! In June on my way to Florida from Missouri Mark met me on a Saturday afternoon and repaired my charger in about five minutes. Service with a smile which I'd thought was obsolete!

Blount County Farmers Co-Op

The Best Fence Charger Made. And Its made right here in Sweet Home Alabama.

Debra Bradley

Best fence charge we ever used!

Rivenrock Gardens Cactus Company

We got the Stallion unit the other day.. I got it all hooked up last night and am pleased to say that it's a great and very powerful unit.... when I ground it out on the wire fence to test it, the light it makes is impressive... and the snap makes me drop my plastic pole, it sounds so loud, sharp and scary. I'd hate to get snapped by this unit.... and that makes it exactly what we need!

Tim and Jan Parker

Just wanted to let you know how well the Cyclops Brute Fence Charger works! We purchase the Brute 3 years ago in that time we have lost 4 fuses but the charger still works. The other chargers we have owned prior were nowhere near the quality or power of the Brute. It can take a large load of fence and the summer growth of weeds and still give a powerful shock. This is the charger we had been searching for, we wanted a charger that could keep our stock in and teach them quickly not to go through the fence. The Brute does that. It can stand the storm too. The Brute has taken 3 lighting strikes and all we lost were fuses and one fuse cap. The chargers we had in the past were all destroyed by lightening! We would highly recommend the Cyclops Brand Fence Chargers to anyone. It is the last fence charger you will need, it is just that good!

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